my names Barbara my family has moved around all my life but when i hit high school every thing turned around. i joined band ,art and i meet a boy and we fall in love and i had a beautiful baby boy and when i finally went back to school after having a baby some of the girls in the school was being very judgmental and stuff and tried to bring me down .then my mother and father break up and me and my mother moved in with my boyfriend and i had to quit band and soft ball so i could focus on school so i can go to collage to support my son. i want a class ring to i have something to remind me of how hard i had to work to get were im going . Me and my friends love to draw and play sports out side and i really love band. when i go to collage i want to go to stu to be a vet so i can help the sick animals in the world and adopt a doggy .i make very good grades and try to accel at everyy thing i do.

Life as Teen age mother in high school

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