Making the Most Out of High School

Hi, my name is Jacob Casey and I’m currently a senior at Gardner Edgerton High School. Ever since my freshmen year I have wanted a class ring of my o

Help me replace my classring please

Im entering to replace my stolen classring. I am 38 yrs old and took care of my jewelry. Recently I had to put a few things in storage my jewelry box

i miss my ring my memories had on it

I went to live oak high in morgan hill cal I was class of 87 I lost my things in storage between moves I was able to replace my yearbooks but I don’t

My time at heritage high school

Before I was at heritage high school! I was being bullied a lot! I told my parents they complained and the school did nothing about it at all! A kid c

Why would I like a class ring?

My name is Natalie. I live in Valley, Al. All of my life this is my home town I was grew up knowing. I have my family n friends,n my church a well. So

tandi redmond

my father made me me i was malested when i was five and i lived in a abusive house but then my grandparents adopted us and we then desided we wanted t

Delcastle Techincal High School life

I remember my class ring like yesterday it was a nice a ring it was silver and it had a emerald on it i have another ring thats similer like this one

My life as a Teen Mom and Wife.

Why do I want a class ring because I never had one and I did not graduate from high school. At age 16, I became pregnant and had to get married. I rec