Sooo … a few weeks ago, I had my buddy Colin work through our website and test out a few things.  He was looking for any improvements we could make to help our website be a better user experience for YOU.  Let’s see, did he find anything?  Let me think … hmm … oh yeah, OUR FREAKING CHECKOUT WAS BROKEN!!!!!!

No, biggie, right?  Yeah, right.  I don’t know.  I figured it might be nice for our customer to be able to actually buy a ring if they wanted to buy one.  So, for anyone reading this who tried to checkout on our site.  We are so sorry!!!  Everything worked fine in being able to create your ring, but if you added payment information and clicked, “checkout”, the site would redirect you to some barren wasteland.  Nice.

Well, we spent the last few weeks fixing, tweaking, changing the oil, and giving the site a bit of an overall tuneup.  So, the first piece of good news is that you can actually checkout now if you want to.  Yippee!

Second upgrade – the site is much, much faster.  We noticed that if you were in the ring configurator, personalizing your bling, that it was taking quite a bit of time for certain parts of the ring process to load.  Things like the stone cut images and metal color were slower Donatello Fixing Stuffthan molasses.  So, we stuck our team of brilliant web engineer guru ninjas on it.  We basically went all Donatello up in here.  And yeah, we’re faster now.  A LOT faster.

We moved our hosting (geek talk) from one company to another, shout out to Amazon, and now our configurator is pretty lighting fast.  How fast?  Super fast!!  So now, if you are building your custom class ring on our site, you can knock it out in no time.  And, you can browse the hundreds of side emblem images to find your perfect style much quicker.

We have a goal to be the best online experience for class rings.  We had a few things broken, and we fixed it.  We think we are getting much, much closer to that goal.  I mean, you can already get your class ring for free, and we offer the cheapest class rings online.  Sooo, it’s kind of a no brainer.

But until we earn our right (and even once we do), we’ll be busting our tail to make WearMyStory the number one trusted website for students to get their class ring.  Cowabunga dude!

It’s Ninja Time! – Super Geeks to the Rescue

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