If you’ve been a party of your school’s booster club for very long, than you may know the head pounding agony that can be booster club fundraising.  While boosting and supporting your students can be incredibly rewarding – be it athletics, band, cheerleading or other school organizations, the year in and year out grind of fundraising can certainly take it’s toll on you.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We have a new and incredibly easy fundraising idea that can both supplement your current fundraising and even become your top channel of fundraising.

Here’s the CliffsNotes version:

Through our affiliate program, we offer the ability for organizations to become class ring sales reps, earning commissions for their school’s cause that otherwise would go to the ring company.

Interested?  Read on for some more details.  

Any student can sign up for our program to become a Ring Rep.  But if a booster club or organization decides they want to become an affiliate at WearMyStory.com, they could assemble a team of students, parents and even teachers to help raise money for your booster club.  Here’s a video that explains how it works:

Now, the video above is for our Ring Rep Challenge.  But, simply take the same concept and apply it to your booster club.  However, instead of a free ring, $100 gift cards, and a $10,000 prize, we offer commissions ranging from $25 to $200 for every referral, depending on the ring purchased.  With 100s of class ring sales per year, you can easily see how this fundraising opportunity can stack up in a hurry.

Why is It Easy?

Simple enough.  Students are already buying class rings at your high school every year.  So, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and create a market that doesn’t exist.  Instead, you get to offer the same quality product for a fraction of the cost.  Our every day prices already beat our competition, and you get to offer a $25 discount for even greater savings to the students in your school!  So, it’s a win-win!  And, instead of the ring sales profits going to the ring company, they go to your booster club.

Compared to Other Fundraising Ideas

There are a lot of other fundraising ideas out there – apparel sales, auctions, raffles, concession sales, golf outings, walk-a-thons, fundraising dinners, and then there’s the products sales.  Oh, the product sales …. candy, gift wrap, discount cards, magazines … the list of crappy products never ends.

Now, some of these ideas may be working for your club already.  Great!  Don’t stop.  But in our experience with fundraising, there can be a lot of different pain points when it comes to traditional fundraising concepts.  Here are a few that suck up a booster clubs life and energy.

  • Expensive Overhead
  • Products that Don’t Sell
  • Time Wasted Planning
  • Time Wasted Coordinating
  • Time Wasted Implementing
  • Giver Burnout
  • Short Term in Nature
  • Pushy Sales Tactics Required

Becoming an affiliate for WearMyStory.com for class rings in your school alleviates most all of these issues. Here are a few things you can expect:

  1. Simple – easy to sign up and share your link onlinebooster club fundraising
  2. No Pressure Sales – giving a discount to students already buying class rings
  3. Gains Momentum – over time, the booster club could take over all class ring sales in the school as students want to support the club
  4. Annual Returns – class ring sales occur with every new class, so the fundraising opportunity continues every year

Other Considerations

  1. Quality & Trust – Can you trust our store and our rings? Yes!!! We partner with ArtCarved, who is based in Texas, and has been making class rings for nearly 100 years. They are a sister company to Balfour, and are strong supporters of our company. You can trust that our rings are of the highest quality in the industry.
  2. Timing – Class rings are traditionally sold once a year by a salesman who comes to the school. Popular companies are Balfour, Jostens and Herff Jones. To get the most for your students and/or Booster Club, you would want to be sure you know when class ring sales are scheduled for your school. There are students and parents who are buying those class rings every year. You would just need to get your referral link in front of them at that time. We make it easy by allowing you to share your link online through email and social channels. Planning is crucial to maximize your efforts here.
  3. Price Comparison – If you take a look at this page, you can see how our rings and prices stack up against Jostens and other online competitors. Since our normal prices offer a substantial discount from the competition, offering students an additional $25 off discount is a win-win. They get an quality class ring at a highly affordable price, and you earn the commission for you organization.

Sign Up to be an Affiliate

To sign your school’s booster club up, email us at info@wearmystory.com and go to this page to create your account.

Easy Booster Club Fundraising Idea – Unique Opportunity

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