All right Ring Reps.  You’ve seen our video.  You’ve signed up on our site.  You have your unique referral link, and you are ready to start earning some referrals.  Good for you!

There are thousands of students out there who are purchasing their class ring, and all you have to do is get your link in front of them.  They then receive $25 OFF an already low priced quality class ring from Artcarved.  Feel free to shop around at Walmart, Zales or Joy Jewelers.  We have the lowest online prices of them all for Artcarved class rings (a company under Commemorative Brands, and sister company with Balfour).  And when someone uses YOUR link, they get an additional $25 OFF.  That’s a screaming deal for them, and a layup for you.  So, how do you get your ring out there?  Here is our Top 10 list of PRO tips.


There’s some more input in the video, but here is the summary of our list for you speed readers out there:

1.  Low Hanging Fruit – Don’t go after the people who don’t want a class ring.  There are thousands of students who are for sure getting a class ring.  Find out who they are, and place your link in front of them so they can get a discount.

2.  Class Ring Guy = Gold – So for about 100 years, class rings have been sold virtually the same way.  Some guy from Jostens or Herff Jones comes to your school.  Maybe he even gives a presentation to your entire class at an assembly.  Maybe you watch some video.  Maybe you just browse through the magazines.  No matter how it happens, there are going to be students at your school who hit this guy up for more information.  Those students are the low hanging fruit!!!  So, just pay attention and take some notes.  Write down their names.  Then, hit them up later online with your referral link via Facebook, Twitter or Email.  They get the same quality ring, but at a much cheaper price, and they’ll LOVE you for it!

3.  Preach the Discount Gospel – Make sure everyone knows they are getting $25 OFF our already low price guaranteed rings.  You don’t have to beg people.  You are doing a huge favor, and they are getting a GREAT deal on their ring.  Let them know it.  Sales are easy when you offer tremendous value.

4.  Share Socially – As opposed to having to print off a coupon code, we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to share your link online.  Just login to your Dashboard and click the Share buttons.  Heck, we’ve even pre-written a script for you on all the social channels.  Personalize your message and hit up your contact list with the good news.

5. Share in Real Life – If you are more of the “I like to talk to people in person” type, then go for it!  Maybe you have a beautiful smile and a bubbly personality.  Then, hand out your link in person.  Here are a couple of ideas.  Go to, and you can get 250 business cards for FREE.  Place your message on it and away you go.  Or, print out your link on a t-shirt.  This is an inexpensive way to get your link out there.  And beyond that, get creative!  I’m sure you have some other amazing ideas to get your link out there for people to see.

6.  Wear Your Ring – There may be no better way for others to want to get a class ring than for you to wear yours.  Once you get your 5 referrals, order and where your ring around.  Or, to get your advertising out sooner, order your ring now and we can talk about getting you reimbursed as your referrals roll in.

7.  Think Outside Your School – Yes, you can share your link to everyone in your school, but there may be a couple of issues with that.  One, you might not like the idea of being “that guy” who is selling stuff to his friends (although, we would argue that the $25 discount is incredible value to your friends).  Two, there are only so many people in your school.  If you really want to be the Ring Rep to bring home the $10,000, you’ll probably have to get referrals from people outside of your school.

8.  Share on Discount Forums – There are masses of people who are looking for class ring discounts already, and there are all sorts of websites online that offer discounts.  Find those sites and get your link onto those sites.

9.  Call in Reinforcments – Would Mom, Dad or Grandma Bessy like it if they didn’t have to pay for your ring?  We think so.  So, let them help you out by sharing your link to their networks as well.

10.  Be Nice – Self explanatory.  Don’t be a jerk. We think being nice goes a long way.

So, hope this helps.  Now, who is going to go out there and rack up the referrals and win this contest???


Top 10 Tips to Help Ring Reps Get More Referrals
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