Seniors.  This is to you.  As I write this today, it is April 22nd, 2013, which is pretty much the prime time season for Senioritis to sink in.  By now, you’ve knocked out all of the requirements you need to graduate high school (you may have even done that 6 months or more ago).  You have taken your major test – ACT, SAT or both, and have received your test scores back.  You’ve sent off your applications to college.  Maybe you are still waiting to hear, or maybe you’ve already been accepted.  If so, then you’ve probably for sure come down with a major case of Senioritis.  What is it, you ask?  You just don’t freaking care anymore. 

I know the feeling.  I’ve been there.  There’s no class that excites.  In fact, it’s only the cool teachers that make any of this tolerable any more.  There is no threat that brings in fear.  I mean, unless you are depending on not getting an F in English or something like that, you can pretty much skate by to the end.  What can they do to you?  You’re out in a few weeks, and you’ll never see most of these people ever again.  

Now, I’ve had my share of clock watching going through my K-12 education years.  I think we all have.  But there may not ever be a slower movement of time than these final few weeks of high school.  It’s a hard pill to swallow.  So, how should you act?  What should you do?

Well, no doubt, one source of motivation may be the upcoming Senior Prank.  In my opinion, these are a lot of fun, but you have to be wise about it.  Anything that is going to get you into trouble with the law or with graduating in general, you need to steer away from.  But, some creative ways to have some harmless fun is one of the only ways you are not going to go absolutely crazy.  For some inspiration, check out some of these awesome senior pranks on Youtube.


Playlist of Senior Pranks

Now, I would turn to what I think really matters in these final days of high school – friendships.  What kind of senior memories are you going to pull from these final weeks?  And it’s not like it’s just these final weeks.  We’re talking about 12 or 13 years you’ve spent with these friends.  Speaking from experience, as soon as those hats are thrown on graduation day, you have two different groups of people.  On one extreme is the guy who says, “You can kiss it goodbye.  I’m outta here!”.  This is the guy you likely will never see again.  He or she has been waiting to get out of town, start a new life, fry some bigger fish, etc.

On the other hand, you have the “holder onners”.  These are the people who for the rest of their lives will say, “Man, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could only be back in high school again?”.  Now, to an extent, I get what this guy is saying.  There is a certain level of nostalgia that comes with the high school years.  You’re young.  You have no real responsibilities (usually).  You have some type of authority within the high school walls when you are an upper class-men   And that world can be a lot of fun.  I have tons of awesome and hilarious senior memories from high school, but I thank God every day that I’m not still in that world.

So, if you’re like me, you fall somewhere in the middle.  I look back at those year with fond memories, but I am also super happy that life has moved on.  I love getting older.  Going to college.  Getting married.  Starting a family.  Creating businesses.  Experiencing the challenges of life.  It is a big world out there, and there is tons to explore.  Just like high school, there are ups and downs, but life is worth living.  There are stories that need to be created and then told.

Now for the obligatory ring pitch.  (I mean, we do sell class rings, you know?  Get yours at a discount or even free here.)  Well, here’s the deal.  Our stories matter.  Whether high school was an amazing experience for you, or it was a hell hole of a time, it is an important part of who you are.  You have been shaped by these 4 years in a powerful way.  In fact, many of your world views have been formed during this time period.  And if it’s part of your story, you’re going to want to tell that story.  Now, class rings aren’t the only way to tell a story.  You’ve got yearbooks, blogs, Facebook, whatever.  But, a senior ring can go a long way in helping commemorate these years.  You’ve got a nice piece of jewelry that you can personalize your story – who you were in these years.  And one of the better advantages of placing that down in a ring is that it will last.  You might not wear it forever, but you will pull it out of a drawer one day, and you’ll look back at these years and remember who you were and where you came from.  There’s not a whole lot of things in our lives that offer that experience. It’s a special gift for a senior ring to be able to tell a story.

So Seniors, I’m speaking just to you now.  I feel your pain.  I feel your impatience.  Been there.  My suggestion?  Make the most of it.  Everything truly is about to change.  Invest in relationships.  Serve people.  Don’t be a worthless jerk.  Most people you’ll never see again.  Some will be lifelong friends, that you will need to lean on in hard times and celebrate the good times.  I’m 31 years old now, been out of high school for 14 years.  Here are the people I care about still – Joe Hibbett, Ford Knowlton, Lenny Beck, Marshall and Jenna Wilmhoff, Deren Boswell, Sean Molleson, Mike Buchanan, Jessica Hampel, and I can go on.  Now, I may not see these people every day, but I can tell you that I care deeply about them.

Spend these final few weeks thinking about your story, investing in people, and I guarantee that the clock will start to speed up.

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