Greetings Ring Reps!  Welcome to the revolution in the class ring industry, where we help you get your class ring for free AND win tons of awesome other prizes.

First of all, thank you for signing up to become a Ring Rep.  You are obviously interested in getting a free class ring, and we want to help you get there.  So, this blog post is just to provide you with a bit of information about the website and how to share your link.

So, without further ado, here are a few tips to help you use the site.

1.  Login – after you registered on our site, you should get an email that contains your password.  Use that email and password to log back in on this page.

Login Page

2.  Share Your Link – There are four different ways you can share your link on your user Dashboard – Facebook, Twitter, Email or Copy and Paste.  Most of the share buttons are pretty intuitive, and come with a pre-populated message about the contest that you can edit.  Share to your friends at your school, or take your link to the web and try to get referrals from students across the country!

Share Buttons on Your Dashboard Page

3. Not a Coupon Code – Just to clarify, there is no coupon code required to get the discount.  When someone who is not logged into our website clicks on a referral link, they are redirected to the site’s home page.  The first thing they see is a pop-up message that says they’ve earned a $25 discount.  And, the discount is automatically applied to their cart for use at checkout.  As long as they checkout after using your link OR create an account from using your link and checkout later, you will be credited for the referral.

Pop-up Message of $25 OFF

4.  Hustle – I’m from Cincinnati, so there’s this dude nick-named Charlie Hustle, that is Pete Rose.  He has more hits than anyone in the history of the game because he busted his tail.  We can’t wait to give a giant check of $10,000 to the #1 Ring Rep, and my guess is that it is going to go to whoever out there is going to get after it an hustle.

5.  Track – Your Dashboard is created to show you how many referrals you have earned and chart your progress.  When someone buys a ring from your link, you get credit for the referral.  5 referrals and you have your free ring.  10 referrals and you get your first $100 gift card.  Be sure to check out the LeaderBoard to know who you have to catch to win that $10,000!

So, hope that helps.  I created a video to walk through all of this visually.  If you have any questions, email us at  We want to help you guys anyway we can. Good luck!!!


How to Share Your Link to Earn Referrals – Ring Reps
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