We all have a story.  Every one of them unique.  Each made up of different times, people, experiences.  It’s our story that shapes us.  That forms who we are.

Our own stories can all be broken down into smaller chapters – birth, childhood, education, marriage, working years, retirement, etc.  Each chapter deeply impacts who we are and what we believe.  But it all adds up to our own individual narrative.  However, not only do we have individual stories, but we are also part of a collective story.  Our family, town, city, state, and country.  This day, week, month, year, decade, century.  All of these millions of pieces add up to the entirety of the human story.  Pretty weighty, huh?

We might not think of these things every day, so we wanted to start our blog just talking a little

bit about story.  Yeah, our site’s name is WearMyStory.com.  Clever right?  You’ve probably figured it out.  We sell custom jewelry that helps commemorate moments in our story (mostly class rings right now, but maybe more to come in the future), and we do it in a pretty unique way.  We want to sell rings, yes.  But, our only interest isn’t hawking our wares.  Why?  Because stories are made by people, and people are more important than money.  We believe pretty deeply that our stories matter.  And we also believe there are truths and lies out there in this world.  What each of us believe is true impacts our story in a major way.

Most people visiting our site right now are probably in high school.  For me, high school was an incredibly formative time in my life, as it is for most people.  It’s for that very reason that once I was out of school, I still spent the next 10 years of my life hanging out with high school students as a youth minister and investing in those relationships.  You see, at my core, I believe there is one meta story that is truth.  And because I believe it is true, I care about sharing that story to anyone willing to listen.

Stories matter because stories are made by people, and people matter.  Over time, we hope to share through this site more about our story, and we hope to hear from you about your story as well.  A great way to let us know is by sharing it over here.

So, yeah.  Welcome to our site.  We hope you like it.  This site is now a major part of our story.

We hope you have an awesome day, an epic day.  One that will be remembered forever in your story.


Stories Matter
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