Im entering to replace my stolen classring. I am 38 yrs old and took care of my jewelry. Recently I had to put a few things in storage my jewelry box bring 1 of them. I had it pad locked and safe from being lost or stolen, so I thought. The girl and her boyfriend that owned the garage where we stored our belongings went and broke into our locked boxes and stole a number of things. Including my 1st mothers ring to I had given to my daughter this past or for her 1st mothers ring, my wedding see, silver necklaces that i received from my parents for a birthday gift for my 17th birthday, and numerous unreplaceable items! This has broken my heart and i feel very empty without my belongings that meant lit to me.. I am taking them to court however, those things I just can’t put a value on and rather have it replaced somewhat.

Help me replace my classring please

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